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converting large PDF files to word


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Hello, I'm having issues converting large PDF files to word.   PDF files are between 18,000 to 26,000 KB.  When press the convert button the process starts, the green bar shows where it's at in the conversion however when the bar is at 100% it sits there and does not convert it to word all the time.  Why does the screen freeze.   I have successfully converted pdf files that are 26000 and 13000 but the majority of the pdf to word conversions just freeze.  I have waited for hours on a few to see if it's just still in the process of converting.  To clear I would have to use the task manager to end the process.  What am I doing wrong?  Note that I am using a Trial version of Nitro Pro 8 that came with my Lenovo lap top.  Thank you.  

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