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Flipping or Mirroring PDF


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I am trying to find a way to flip or mirror my pdf. I select all objects, then I go to the format tab, but the flip button is faded and I cannot click it. Any suggestions?

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Steven Zakulec

It's kind of possible, but you'll need to test it out yourself to see if any of the options are suitable.

If changing the page orientation is acceptable, that's the easiest way- just rotate the page whatever way you want. You can do this from the Page Layout tab or the Page Thumbnail view on the sidebar.

If you can't rotate the page, you can flip all the content upside down by clicking the Edit tool, then dragging the selection box around the whole page.  All of the objects should now be selected.  At the top you'll see a blue curved arrow- this lets you rotate the selected items any way you want.  If you hold Shift as you rotate, you'll be snapped to 45 degree angles.  Rotating to 180 degrees will flip everything on the page without changing the page's orientation.

Your final option is to find some JavaScript that does this- select all the objects on a page, and then rotate them. This way you could do arbitrary rotations on the objects without changing the page orientation.  I can't help you with this unfortunately.

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