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Change of Identity/Name on Comment Feature



Hi everyone, I am using the Nitro 7 which is an older version. Each time I add a note on a pdf file, it shows the previous name of my computer name as the reviewer. I have since changed my computer name but this is is not updated on nitro. How can I edit or change my name as it appears on the "add a note" feature? Please note that I have tried to do this but Identity feature is greyed out. 

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Steven Zakulec

On my computer, in Nitro 8 it shows that login name can't be changed, but there's an option to put in a Name.

If you just want to set a different name on the Notes, here's the section from the Nitro 7 users guide on how to do that:

To edit note properties:
1. Right-click the note or its icon
2. From the menu, select Properties
3. On the General tab, you can edit the Author and Subject details for the note
4. On the Appearance tab, you can edit the visual characteristics of the note
5.Click Close to save your changes

Default note properties:
To make all your future Notes to look the same as the selected note:
1. Right- click the note or its icon
2. Select Make Current Properties Default

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