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Nitro Pro 12 installer


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I know there is a problem with the Nitro Pro12 version, but my 11th version also already expired, so right now can't use the nitro pro completely.  Is there a trail link with the key which you can send so that users who already purchased the Nitro Pro 12 can use the program somehow?  I am being asked to buy Nitro Pro 11 again in order to use the program.  I am now regretting the discount given when purchasing the Nitro Pro 12.

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Hi @May,

Thanks for using the Community Forum to reach out to us.

Did you purchase the Nitro Pro 12 upgrade in the pre-release campaign? If so, you should've received a 2nd email from us with a new and working download link in it. Did you not receive this email? 


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Coco Bullock

I also purchased Nitro Pro12 upgrade in the pre-release campaign, and I received one email with a link (for download of v 12) on May 30th that doesn't work.  I HAVE NOT received a 2nd email either.  I think Nitro sends everything to me via cocoflamingo@gmail.com but my work email is coco@atlantasoldsisters.com.  Don't care which it comes to me thru, I'd just LOVE to have the ability to get into the new version (12).



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