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Nitro Pro 12 does not install


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When I try to install Nitro Pro 12 (which I paid for!) I get the message "something is blocking Nitro from proceeding"  "The following files are in use - You'll have to close the application before the installer can continue"  The file it references is for my Brother printer - the BrotherControlCentre BrCtrlCntr.exe.

Nothing is printing or scanning.  As far as I know, the file is "not in use".  If this is a problem I definitely will be cancelling my purchase and getting a refund!

I have two printers installed - one brother and one Canon which both have the fax, laser, printer, scanning options.  



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Alex Edwardes

Hi @KDicks,

Sorry to hear that you are having this problem with the Brother Control Center conflict.
The Brother Control Center is still holding a directory open that Nitro needs access to when installing.

I have some steps that I would like you to try:

Please open the Windows Task Manager with the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE
When you have the console running > click on the Processes tab > look for BrCtrlCntr.exe > select it > click the End Process button.

After that go down to the System Tray (where the clock is, down the bottom right of your screen) and expand the icons to see the programs running.
If you can find Brother Control Center running there as well, please close it.

Now try to install Nitro again.

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