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Menu shortcut keys STILL broken in V12



I just installed V12 and was very disappoointed to find that many of the menu shortcut keys that I use in other apps are STILL not functional in Nitro Pro - e.g. File/Save As (Alt-F gets me to the File menu and displays keyboard shortcut letters for various commands like NeW, Open, Save, Save As, but the shortcut key itself doesn't work).  I raised this with CS in V11 and perhaps as far back as V10, and was told that it was in the queue to be fixed, but here we have a brand new version and it's still not fixed!  It makes me think that this is an intentional choice, but if that's the case, why display shortcut keys?  This is really, really basic functionality; even MSFT wouldn't release an app with a bug like this in it.  Shame, Nitro!  Such a good product otherwise.

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