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Nitro Has Locked Me Out--Please Help!


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In the middle of the workday last Thursday, I tried to open my Nitro 10.x desktop software--which is current, fully paid for, and has been working correctly for months--and I got a message that "your trial has expired."  This is NOT trial software.  It is paid for.  My license is good through June.

I contacted support.  They said that even though my license is good through June, they have shut me down because they are transitioning to v11 and wanted me to upgrade to that version--and pay for the upgrade.

I might decide to upgrade, but in the meantime, I have paid for v10 through June, and I want to be able to use what I have paid for.

Support has been no help.  They just "invite" me to give them more money to upgrade.

Can anyone please help me?  I can't believe that these people will not allow me to use the software that I have paid for.




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Mario Kevesic

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for posting on here! I believe you and I took care of this via our Support channel. Please let me know if you haven't received my last email and I'll resend it. 




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Mario, thank you for your kind response.  I think we are almost there; I responded to your email.  Once everything is worked out, I will post here to thank you for resolving this issue.

Thank you!


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Mario, you have not responded to my last email.

PLEASE help me.  I really need to get this thing resolved.  I use Nitro for processing invoices.  You have locked me out of software that I paid for, and I have literally been unable to process invoices for a week.  That is hugely unfair to me, and it is devastating for my business.

Please, please, resolve this so I can get back to work.
Thank you.


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