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Nitro Pro V12 after adding watermark you can't search the document using adobe

Anita Marais

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Anita Marais

I recently upgrade to version

After I have added a watermark and/or a header/footer, I am unable to search the document using Adobe.  I can search using Nitro but my clients don't have Nitro and use Adobe to search for a certain word using Adobe.  This worked perfectly in all previous versions but its blocked with version 12.   I hope you can assist?  If not, I will have to revert back to version 11.

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Steven Zakulec

I'm trying to reproduce this, and currently can't- can you give me some more info to help me out? (unless you have Nitro VIP and can submit the document as part of a ticket?)

I took a regular PDF I had, applied the Draft watermark with default settings in Nitro 12, and then saved it as something else.

I then opened the new PDF with Adobe Reader DC, and was able to search and find some words in the document.

I also tried a separate document with just a footer (the default Company Info one in Nitro 12), and the draft watermark + company info footer in one document.

I was able to open them all with Adobe Reader DC, and search for things on the page without issue.

Thanks in advance!

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