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Custom Print range issues in

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We've been using Nitro since version 7 and have upgraded to every version after 8 but recently after upgrading to 11 we had a couple of users report that any time they set a custom print for a range of pages, nitro will queue the entire document up and print all pages instead of the selected range of pages like we specified in the attached picture. I've now tested this on version 10 and version 11 and the problem seems to only exist on version 11. We have a Xerox WorkCentre 7845 and the print drivers haven't been changed between the version 10 to 11 upgrade. We are running current drivers for the Xerox on all systems.


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Steven Zakulec

I tried to reproduce this with a Canon copier, and was unable to.

Since you're already on the latest version, file a bug report here: https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket with all the details you have, and a test document (if it happens on every document) or a document it happens on every time.

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