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Printing photos breaks them into three sections

Karen B

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I am finding it very frustrating that Nitro Pro 12 breaks photos up into three pieces when printed. I found that you started this in Nitro Pro 11 after a certain version number. It is very frustrating in our business because I have to print photos to PDF and then rearrange them on the page to be in the correct order. This did not happen in the older versions of Nitro Pro 11. What can we do to fix this issue? I have a document I can upload but not sure how to do that. 

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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @Karen B,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

I see that you also submitted a support ticket and is already being handled by one of my colleagues. 

We have received the sample photos and your exact workflow. You will hear from us again soon.


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