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Need Help Combining PDFs


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Hi all,

I have a project I'm working on for my boss. Something that will hopefully make both our lives easier. :) However I can't seem to make combining PDFs work the way I need it to.

I have a one page PDF with several text fields on it that can be filled out. I opened the PDF and saved it under a different file name. I'm not trying to add the original file in to the new one, to add a second page of the same form.  In the end I actually need to add the same form in 30 times. The problem is, when I add in page 2 using the original file the text field names from the first form (page 1) and the field names on the new form (page 2) have the same names. So anything I enter in one then reflects to all of the other pages with the same field name. The only option I can see is to manually change all of the field names one at a time to make them all different.  The problem is that is 45 fields per page, so it would take hours to make a 30 page PDF doing that.

So here's my question: Is there a way to add in a PDF and have Nitro automatically rename the form fields so there are no duplicates?

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Hello bcxanth,

Thank you for posting your question here.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to automatically change all form field names at once.

To change the names of your text fields, please select Forms > Edit All Fields. You can then right click on the field you would like to change > Properties > General. Here, you can change the "Name" of your text field. I apologize for the inconvenience, this will have to be done manually.


If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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Steven Zakulec

Not sure if this will work, but if you just need to copy the form(s) from the first page, this might work.  Under Forms, do Select Fields, and make sure you get all of the form fields you need.  Then go to the Properties tab, and choose the Make Copies item. As long as you don't pick Use same field name, you should be good.


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