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VIP Support versus Premium Support


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After installing over v.11, when I attempt to open a .pdf document Nitro gives me a message that "! A later version of Nitro Pro is already installed"  and below that, "Finish."

What must I do to be able to open a .pdf document?

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Hi, I purchased Nitro Pro yesterday but didn't realize there was no effective support (except this forum) if you don't buy VIP access.  I bought Premium Support and thought that would do the job.  Obviously, it does not.

Can VIP access be added? If so how? 


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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @rdhughbank,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Since you purchased VIP Access with Premium Support, I've created a support ticket on your behalf.

I'll be waiting for your response through the support case.


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