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Highlighting scanned document

Terry Barone

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Terry Barone

This feature seems to only work occasionally for me.  I scan a document then I want to highlight the scanned document text and it doesn't work.  Am I missing a step?  Thanks for your help?


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Steven Zakulec

Nitro doesn't have a good way to markup picture-only documents (which most scans are).  You do have some options though:

You can use the Use OCR button and choose "make text searchable", which will let you highlight the document then.

You can fashion your own highlighting tool by using the rectangle tool, a light yellow fill color, and and appropriate transparency value.  You'll want to right-click on the rectangle, and choose "Make Current Properties Default", which will set your pseudo-highlighter as the default for the rectangle tool.

If you'd like to use the highlight tool on its own, post in the Product Improvement thread and let Nitro know.

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