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Unable to resize for Snapshot & insert Shapes


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Hi, appreciate if anyone could help me?

I am using Nitro Pro, recently I have been having problem whenever I select the snapshot function or inserting a shapes into PDF docs. Whenever I am using snapshot, it limited the area of the selection and I am unable to select the area/size that I wanted to snap. Same case happen if I am inserting new shapes into PDF docs, it doesn't allow me to resize or draw according to the size that I want, it will just auto "fix" the size for me.

I created a testing page, which can be viewed from link below:


I inserted a circle and a square shapes in the testing page. Both are the smallest size that I can draw and when I resize by dragging the red corner button, the circles and squares will turn into line instead...

I am also unable to re-position the shapes and have to use the keyboard (up, down, left, right) to place it in the position that I wanted, otherwise it will also kind of auto lock the position for me.

Sorry, I really  have difficulties in describing the problems, hope someone can understand.

Appreciate if anyone can reply and assist. Thank you!!


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