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Creating ond document from two


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I have two 35 page PDF itineraries, one for me and one for my spouse, identical except for the airline flight pages.  I would like to create a combined itinerary by copying my flight pages into the other itinerary.  I could not find a Copy Page that I could use to then Insert Page it into the other itinerary.

Is the only way to do this to extract the page and then save it as a file, then Inserting that file into the other document?

This seems like something one would want to do with some frequency, so I was hoping there was a Copy Page and then an option under Insert Page to insert the copied page....

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Steven Zakulec

In Nitro 11, you can do this- you have to use the Thumbnail view though.

The Thumbnail view is the piece of paper to the left of the tab containing your open document, and below the Zoom button.

You can right-click on the thumbnail(s), and choose Copy page, or use the left clipboard icon to copy.

Go to the tab with your second PDF, open the thumbnail view and use the right clipboard icon to paste the pages into place (or right-click on a page and click Paste to insert them).

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