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Nitro Pro 12 - 1 user / 3 servers


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Hello Nitro Pro 12,

We as company has recently bought Nitro Pro 12 and we are working with 3 terminal servers.

One of our users have to work with Nitro Pro 12 to test the product.

When she login into the system, the system will automatically choose on which of the three servers she will be logged in. (A server with the least people.)

Of course when you buy Nitro Pro 12, you will get one license, which will make sense.

But in our situation, is it possible to get 1 license which counts if somebody already working on those license? So as example the user which have acces to Nitro Pro 12 is working on server A and she didn't logged out well, and for some reason, she logs into server B and starts Nitro Pro 12, she recieves a message that its not possible since the license is already in use. (I hope a license as this exist at Nitro Pro 12.)

The situation is for now that when she logs into Server A, she had to activate Nitro Pro 12. When she is done, she have to de-activate Nitro Pro 12.

When she logins again or a day further, and she logs into for example server B or C then she have to start Nitro Pro 12 and have to activate the license on that server.

Sorry for my bad Enlgish, I hope my story is understandable.



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @William,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums! I'd be happy to assist you with your query today.

Please note that in order to install Nitro Pro on a server, you will need a server license in addition to a compatible setup. The server license is also only available for Business and Enterprise users, and that starts from 11 users.

If you are interested in getting a license for your server, we can have a Sales Rep reach out to you regarding your set up. We can talk to you about your best options and what we can offer.

You can check this page for the pricing: https://www.gonitro.com/pricing

I hope this clarifies. Please let us know if you have other questions.

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