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Radio Button Cosmetic Properties



I just purchased the program to create some forms. Desided to take it for a test run on some character sheets for a tabletop I play with friends.

To my chagrin, I noticed that radio buttons inherit the shape and fill properties of the box you drag out to create them, and not as an 'empty' version of their selected shape(Circle by default).

It'd make my life a lot easier going forward if their border and fill were to inherit their selected shape, or if there was a way to effect this myself without needing to use creative layering and over-reliance on gridsnap.

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Default Properties and Inherit Properties only help if I am first able to configure the desired feature as needed.

The problem I am having is that there appears to be no way to configure "Border" or "Fill Color"(Under Appearance) to conform to the shape selected in "Check Box Style" (Under Options).

The prevalent solution in the sheet I'm trying to arrange as interactive seems to be using white colored wingdings to represent blank spaces to be filled in.

I suppose my preference is to have a type of checkbox or radio button that is always "filled in" but just changes between two different colors.

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Steven Zakulec

I'm not entirely sure if you've seen the Default Properties and Inherit Properties options, but if not, they probably allow you to do what you want to do.

If you select a button with the Forms tab Select Field tool, you can then right-click on an item to get the Properties menu or go to the new Properties tab after the Help tab.

In the Properties tab, you want to look at the last two groups of options- Tasks and More.  If you use the Properties option to set everything for the first button, you can then use default properties and/or inherit properties to do what you want.

I hope this is what you were looking for- if not, let me know. Thanks.

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