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Protect fillable form?

steve cline

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I have a fillable form that is partially completed and needs to be sent to a client.  Due to PII, I need to password protect the document.  My installation of Nitro does not appear to allow password protection of a fillable form.

Can someone clarify whether Nitro is able to do this?  If so, how is it done?

Thank you

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Steven Zakulec

You can do this- Nitro supports locking down the file opening and actions within in the file itself.

Check the following links for the details:



You may want to set both an Open password (so the file can't be opened with a password), and also set the permissions to only allow form filling and saving (this password you would probably keep to yourself unless you want the recipients to be able to make changes beyond form filling).

If you go to the Protect tab, and then click on Password Security, you'll be able to set those options easily.

Hope this answers your question- if not, let me know.

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