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there is no creation process

amr kamal

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Hello amr,

Thank you for reaching out to us via the Community Forums. 

Looks like you are using Nitro Pro 10. Regarding this error message, we first need to know what version you're running. You can find your exact version by  you can find out by going to Help >> About Nitro Pro

If it is anything other than Nitro Pro, you will need to update your copy. You can find the latest update to Nitro Pro 10 here:  https://www.gonitro.com/support/downloads (under the Previous Versions)

If you are already using Nitro Pro, kindly reinstall your Office plugins and repair your Nitro Pro 10 installation. You can go to the following pages for the instructions on how to do these:

Reinstalling Nitro Pro Office Add-Ins

How to Repair Nitro Pro

If these won't work, please log a support ticket here. Kindly include the file you are trying to convert and your exact step by step process.

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I have had the same issue for months. Nothing has fixed it. I was told they were working on it. (Still?). Anyway its a real issue and continues. I am on NitroPro

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello everyone!

This has already been addressed in and If you continue to get the same error message, please create a support ticket here. This may already be caused by something else and we will need more information from you to know the cause and provide an accurate solution.

I hope this helps! Cheers!

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