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Hello: nitro pro 9, which nitro no longer supports, w10p. Is there a regedit fix to make the initial view on open to be either a blank "document" page or nothing? There seem to be nothing in either general prefs or doc properties to do this. Further, the user guide on "initial view props" does not deal with this. While there is a checkbox in gen prefs to "restore last view settings when reopening pdfs", nitro reopens the same files when next opening the app - I have unchecked the box (don't restore view settings), but I don't want to close every pdf before exiting the program. For instance, in excel, you can leave a doc open, exit excel, and excel does not "restore" the view/doc when you next open excel - which is what I want. If you know the hkey location, to modify this for nitro 9, would you please post here? Thank you.

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Steven Zakulec

Here's where the Nitro 9 registry keys would be: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nitro\Pro\9.0\Settings\Preferences\kPreferences

If you've unchecked "Restore last view settings", that should keep Nitro from remembering where you left off in a PDF, and any PDFs that were open.

If you want Nitro to close all your documents without asking when you exit, kPrefAlwaysCloseAllDocuments should be set to /b 1

Otherwise, I'm not entirely sure what you want (when I open Nitro 9 with "Restore last view settings" turned off, it shows me a blank background unless I've double-clicked on a PDF to open Nitro, then it shows me the first page of that PDF).

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