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Errors converting to Word doc


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Hi there,

Due to some bad admin on my part I'm having to make the final edits on my 213-page PhD thesis with access to the PDF alone. The edit function on Nitro Pro is perfectly fine for most things but there's one correction I've been asked to make which involves shifting a large chunk of paragraph around, so I thought I'd try to convert it to Word. When I did, there were lots of problems with the formatting - huge gaps appeared between lines which I couldn't seem to make go away in Word, and page numbers got thrown off. Has anybody else had a problem like this, and does anybody have experience of fixing it?

Many thanks


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Luke,

Thank you for posting to the Community Forums!

I would like to help you with the file you converted to Word. Usually, changing the conversion settings will help get what you require. You can access these settings when you click on "To Word" in the Convert Group. You'll get this below:


Then click on Options... Here you can change the Page Layout settings.

I would play with the settings here to get the desired results. If you need assistance with a certain file, you can log a ticket here. Make sure to attach the file and your specific goals.

I hope this helps! Cheers!





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