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Darren O'Leary

Difference in quality of converted PDFs when using desktop 'Convert to PDF' command

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Darren O'Leary

Good Afternoon,

My colleague has Nitro 12 installed on a Windows 10 machine, and she has noted a marked quality difference between her Word to PDF conversions when using the Windows desktop 'Convert to PDF' menu command, as opposed to opening the Word document and selecting the Nitro PDF Printer through the 'File > Print' process. 

The PDFs created through the right click and 'Convert to PDF' command have really poor quality images, as shown in the links to this post. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

https://cloud.gonitro.com/p/Bu5TCJXYl-r54nZTUy7iTg - Document created through the desktop 'Convert to PDF' command

https://cloud.gonitro.com/p/PQpK00qKsfdYUDTEUhbClQ - Document created through opening Word document and using 'File > Print' command

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Hello @Darren O'Leary,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Since you have a business license, a support ticket was created on you behalf.

Kindly wait for a response from one of our support representatives.


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