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How can I start printing the PDF from a page before 'page 1'?


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How do I start printing the PDF from Logical Page no. 5? See screenshot beneath.

Nitro Pro labels in Roman numerals, but bizarrely forbids any, pages before "1" to be printed.



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Steven Zakulec

To print pages before "page 1", you'll want to use the page number right next to the letter- 6 in your case.  In this case, the document has 648 pages in it.  The page range is listed right next to the letter "v".  You put in the page number you want in Pages, and you'll see that page show up in the Print Preview.

This also means that the display and internal page numbers won't agree for PDFs with page numbers before 1- Nitro's internal page number count starts from 1 on the first page in the document.  You can easily see what the page number you should use for printing is- it's the x of 648 number, 6 in the case of the screenshot above.

If you've got any feedback on how this could be clearer, please leave it on the Product Improvement forum page : https://community.gonitro.com/forum/15-nitro-pro/

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