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Rearrange Pages by Dragging Tiles?


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How do you rearrange pages in Nitro?  I'm expecting some sort of graphical interface where each page is represented as a tile and I can drag the tiles around to re-arrange a document.

Is this possible?

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Thanks.  The article looks promising but I was still not able to do what I need to do.  I open a legal agreement that contains a signature page with no signatures.  I open a second document that contains only the signed signature pages from multiple legal agreements.  I tile the two documents so they appear side by side.  I click on "pages" in the navigation area to view the active document as a collection of sequential tiles.  On the document with the signatures, I click on the page that contains the signatures.  This highlights the page's corresponding tile in the tile area.  I right click on the tile and select "Copy." I then click on the signature page in the other document (the document where there are no signatures on the signature page).  That page's corresponding tile is then highlighted.  I right click on that tile and select "Paste," expecting the page from the second document (now presumably in the clipboard) to replace the page in the first document.  But... nothing happens.  Nothing at all.  The page is not replaced.  I do not get any type of informational message or warning or error.

So, it's great that Nitro can display tiles and it's great that it appears to support copy/paste, but I can't get it to work.

How do I do this?

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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @mbmast,

Thanks for your response and patience.

For me to be able to further assist you, could you please send me a private message and provide the following?:
-The Nitro Pro build you're working with (format is 12.X.X.X, e.g. You can find these out by clicking on 'About Nitro Pro' under the Help tab
-Sample files (with sensitive information extracted) so I can replicate it on my end

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you. 

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