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How do you change the numbering of pages so that it matches the numbers printed in the document?

Normally the cover is not numbered, thus causing a mismatch between the electronic numbering and the document numbering.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Khorne,

Thanks for posting on our Forums!

To do this, you have to Edit the Header & Footer settings for the Page number:


1. Go to Page Layout and click on Header & Footer.
2. Choose Page numbers footer and then Page numbers Text, or create a new profile.
3. Click on the Edit button, and the window above will show.
4. Change the Pages to whatever page you want the page numbers to start on.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks a lot.

Your solution though, creates another "problem".

I have an index at the beginning of the chapter. I want to link automatically all the page numbers there... but when I do everything gets 1 page "off" (page 9 takes me to page 8 because of the cover etc...) 

Is there a work around? A way to batch-edit links or something?

Thank you

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