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In Nitro Pro 6, the digital signature box was very small. I updated to Nitro Pro 10. When I clicked to digitally sign a document the signature box was very large covering some information. How do you  delete or remove the digital signature box from a document.  Also, how do you change the size of the digital signature so that it dies not mask document information?


Bob W

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Steven Zakulec

Depending on if you want to remove just the signature itself, or the signature field, there's a different way for each.

In Nitro 10, when you have a PDF with digital signatures, you'll see a pen icon on the far right below the bookmark icon.

Click on that.

You'll then see a list with all the digital signature blocks, and then below that, all of the actual signatures.

You should be able to right click on any of the actual digital signatures and choose Clear Signature Field.

To remove the box itself, clear the signature, then use Forms, Edit All Fields, and select your digital signature field. You can then delete the field.

Hopefully this helps.

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Hi Steven,

Worked like a charm for removing the signature and signature field. I will play around to see if I can make the signature field smaller. At least I can now remove and relocate the signature field when needed.


Bob W

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