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'CALL OUT' text box function


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This function is like Beatrix LeStrange's "gemino" curse on the horcrux in her vault at Gringot's  Once the text is set, it's impossible to change. When one clicks on the box it multiples into a new box with each click 

How does one change text without this nonsense happening?

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Steven Zakulec

It looks like when you use the "Call Out" tool, after the first one is placed, you can stop placing additional call-outs two ways: Click the "Finish" button on the Format tab, or go to the Home tab, and click on the Hand.

Once you do that, any further clicks will not create additional call-outs.  You can then double-click on any of the call-outs to edit or add text.

Hopefully that helps- if not, let me know.

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That solution works to stop the replicating. I figured out that a double click with allow text entry and a single click will light up the box red to move or resize it. Thanks much.

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