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Cannot Install NitroPro12


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Your Serial Number: 2*****-******-*****6

I can't install NitroPro 12 
I had NitroPro10 installed on my work Win10 Pro machine.
I had a lot of problems with it and just bought my new Pro12 version. Uninstalled Pro10
Downloaded Pro12, ran the install. there are 3 points, It runs up to the point "Downloaded" and then screen disappears and does not do anything. 
I Run clean   http://install.nitropdf.com/support/downloads/cleanup.zip  it did not help 
rebooted, tried to reinstall - NO LUCK....
Very disappointed I lost 3 hours or work and now cannot work at all....
Please HELP ASAP or I will have to ask for the refund. 

Thank you 
Gary Segal

Edited by Leslie V.
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