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Import Data into Fillable Fields - Mail Merge

Andy Bills

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I am a new user, so hello to all!!

I was hoping someone could please help me, I am trying to import data in to a pdf document that has fillable fields, the field names are the same as the data source, I have tried following the information I have found in the user guide and on the internet but cannot get the data in to my document, I have trued saving the data source as TEXT file (.txt) but this does not work either.

Any help would be gratefully received

Many thanks in anticipation



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @andy100,

At this time Nitro Pro does not have a mail merge function. Sorry about that! 

This feature has been requested in the past. Our Product team has it in their queue and will further test and determine if and when this feature will be available.

Because of this I cannot provide a time-frame as to when a decision will be made.

For other suggestions and feature requests you can drop us a note here: https://community.gonitro.com/forum/12-product-improvement/


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