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Nitro edited pdf - viewed with adobe reader


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I am evaluating a trial version of Nitro 12.

I create my pdf files using Autocad. (print function to create dwg to pdf).

I can open and edit the (autocad created) pdf in Nitro 12. This works fine.

My problem is when someone then opens the file I saved with Nitro12, using Adobe Reader. The Adobe reader displays yellow message boxes on every text block on the document.

The yellow message blocks do not appear in Nitro. Seems they only appear in the Adobe Reader after I use Nitro12 to make a change to the pdf.

Any suggestions?





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Steven Zakulec

It sounds like the yellow message boxes are annotations- if you're doing things like highlight, strike-through, underline, or other things from the Review tab, it's likely to generate them.

To see a list of all of them in the document, click on the yellow speech bubble in the bottom left corner of the window- it's the first in the group of three icons on the bottom left.

This will show you all of the comments.


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 TThanks for the reply. When I click the yellow speech bubble button, It shows a list of what are labeled "Autocad SHX Text".

If these are annotations, they were created in the source (autocad) document. I don't want them highlighted on my pdf. The only thing I did to the pdf in Nitro was add a stamp and save. I did not create these annotations in Nitro.

I don't want them cluttering up the document (there are hundreds of them on a map) when someone opens it up with another pdf reader. Is there a way to remove them?

I did flatten the annotations and that solves the problem, but it took over 10 minutes. Is there a better way?



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