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Nitro Pro Freeze laptop when saving


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Genysito,

Thanks for reaching out to us via our Community Forums!

I have opened a support ticket on your behalf so we an assist you directly.


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I have Nitro Pro 12 on a Windows 10 laptop and it is frequently (3 times a day minimum) freezing when saving a document.  I am using the "save as" function and the system freezes up and then a notice will pop up saying that the program has stopped working and to close the program.  How do I fix this problem as it is severely effecting my work productivity?

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I believe that I have narrowed down the issue with my Windows 10 PC freezing to my Nitro Pro installation.  My computer will completely freeze when it is running.  Am I the only one?  Should I completely uninstall and then see if the problem goes away?  


I am running Nitro Pro

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