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Changing default email text on submit email button


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I've just installed Nitro Pro Trial as I need to test the following for a customer.

I placed an "I Accept" button on a pdf and the action is to email the PDF - When the button is clicked it starts an email client inserts the PDF and is then ready to send BUT it always inserts this text " The attached file is the filled-out form. Please open it to review the data."

I never entered this text so assume it's hidden somewhere - I've looked in preferences but can't find it anywhere - Where do I need to go to change it?

When I initially created the PDF I then ran a quick test and after clicking "I Accept" it asked how I was going to send it and I selected my gmail account. I now want to change it but again can't find where this is stored. The default mail app on my W10 machine is Outlook and if I hit the "Email as Attachment" it opens an Outlook email not Gmail.

Thanks for you assistance.


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Steven Zakulec

For your first question, there's no easy way to do this.

You can either re-create what the button does with a new Javascript- you'll choose Run a Javascript instead of Submit a form for your button's action (there's plenty of choices out there- you want submit PDF by email, or javascript to submit form by email), or if you're handy with a hex editor and not afraid of totally unsupported changes that will likely break on updates, you can change the string itself in Nitro.

Your second question is a bit jumbled, so I'm not entirely sure what you want, but Nitro seems to use the default email client on your system, so if you want the email to go through Gmail rather than Outlook, Gmail would have to be the default email provider in Windows 10.

The other way to reset this for sure is to remove Nitro & reinstall it- make sure you have your key saved safely somewhere so you can re-activate.  If this doesn't bring up the choice again, you might have to grab the Nitro cleanup tool (http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/clean up tool/000003054 ) and run that to remove everything from Nitro completely, and then reinstall.  You'd then be at the same point you were when you originally installed Nitro.

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