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Digital Signature Date Format


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Hello @Jamin,

Thanks for reaching out! 

We cannot change the date format on digital signatures, unfortunately. We can, however, change the date format in form fields.

I hope that helps!

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Unfortunately the date format is considered by my professional society to be ambiguous as the day/month can be read in either direction (for some cases).  We have been instructed to use the long format or 9 Jan 2019 or Jan 9, 2019 to remove ambiguity.  Could a feature which allows for the use of the long format be added to Nitro, I would expect it would be an easy addition?  Is the date format used by Nitro a standard format used for digital signatures or just a format that Nitro chose to use?  Is there supporting documentation which clearly expresses the format which Nitro uses for digital signatures (ie. YYYY/MM/DD) which could be made available?

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