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Modifying Tab Order


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I created a fillable PDF. However, there were two text fields I missed on the document. I tried to update the tab order using the tab order on the forms menu option but this feature doesn't work properly. If you use the auto tab order option, the order makes no sense. When I try to order the tabs, it will do in order until it will randomly assign a different number for NO reason. I will be going along fine for the order of 1-23 fields and when I click on the 24th field it will say 25 and ruin the whole order. I have tried this 25 times and the result is always the same. Why can't I type in which number I want in each tab order field? Any suggestions?

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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted people to have better luck than I did when trying to find an answer to this frustrating problem.

Anyway. I fixed this problem when I was having it by deleting the boxes that would not re-number to the next number when clicked them and then re-creating those boxes. For example, I re-numbered 1-3, but the box that should have been 4 would not re-number to 4, every time I clicked it, it turned to a different number, but never 4. Instead, I deleted that box and re-created it. Then I went through the tab ordering process again and it allowed me to number it 4.

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