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Nitro Pro 8 - Reset Activations

Ron W.

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Hello everyone,

We are using a corporate License for our Nitro Pro 8 installations. It's a key that allows 7 installations. In november a PC with an installation died (therefore I couldn't set the license free). I made an e-mail and it got never answered.

I usually transmitted the license info to you  via e-mail... but I'm uncomfortable to post my license information to a forum. What do I need to do, that somebody is willing to help me?

Yeah I'm a bit pissed because I was running in circles the whole morning -.- Go to your website, wanted to get a ticket, it said I should try the activation portal, checked the portal, entered my key, get told to get in contact with you, tried to make a ticket, ... you know where this is going -.- . But I don't want to vent here, I just want two things:

  • A way to adress these problems in the future (Buying VIP is not an option!)
  • Somebody to help my case

Best regards


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Ron W.,

Please send me a direct message with the serial number/license so I can check.

Kindly include a screenshot of the error you are getting.


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