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Can only open Nitro Pro in my primary profile


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Have similar issue.  Have Nitro Pro 12 on an HP Pavilion with Windows 10, and I can only open it in my primary profile.  When I try to open in my work profile (set as "administrator" also), it won't even give me the splash screen but will put the icon in the bar at the bottom.  It was working in my work profile (and, in fact, is LOADED in my work profile) a couple days ago, but now it won't do anything.  Need help asap!!!  I am having to switch back and forth between profiles in order to do my work!  I like Nitro better than Adobe, but if this can't be fixed asap, will have to get Adobe Acrobat.  I am a paralegal and have to review/redact/highlight/extract pdf's on an hourly basis every single day.  Please, please, please help!

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Tori,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Upon checking your serial number, I can see you activated once and you deactivated it today.

To further assist you, could you please provide the following information?:

- Could you please activate Nitro Pro on your work profile? Are you having the same issue opening the program on your primary profile?

- Could you please confirm you only have one machine where both user profiles are present?

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing back from you. 

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I cannot activate the work profile because Nitro Pro 12 won't open in that profile.

No, I am NOT having the same issue with my primary profile.  Nitro Pro 12 works perfect in my primary profile.

Yes, I am using only ONE machine, an HP Pavilion, and yes, I have two profiles - my primary profile (from which I set up the work profile) and my work profile.

I uninstalled Nitro Pro 12 from both profiles, performed a search and removed every file I could locate that contained the term "nitro."  Then I reinstalled Nitro Pro 12 from my primary profile.  It worked fine.  When I switched to my work profile (also "administrator" status) Nitro will not open at all.  I again uninstalled and removed every Nitro file from my C: drive and then reinstalled from the work profile.  Nitro would not open in the work profile despite being installed from that profile.  When I switched to my primary profile, Nitro opened just fine.

Also, in spite of my reactivating (and successfully opening and using) Nitro Pro 12 in my primary work file, your website shows I have no activations.  Something is a bit buggy here!

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