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Editing Texts from PDF Created in Adobe Suite


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I'm a new Nitro Pro 12 user, still getting used to working on PDFs on Nitro.   When I open and edit a PDF file created on Adobe Suite, Nitro will make the PDF file editable but I can still see the difference from the original PDF vs the ones edited by Nitro.  When I convert from PDF to Word, the output file is way different.   The color from the word document converted by Nitro is more faded than the original.  Is this normal? 

Here are some examples of the issues I face when editing texts on Nitro.

1) When I edit a text, the font shows that it is the same with the original but for some reason the texts typed on Nitro is thinner or smaller even if the font and size are the same.

2) When editing texts, Nitro can identify which parts of the document are text in a separate text box.  But there are times when Nitro automatically groups all the texts together, this makes editing more tedious.  Even if I try to type a word as a separate text, Nitro automatically combines with the rest of the texts separated over the PDF.

What does the light blue box vs the red box mean when the mouse if hovered over the text?

Is there a knowledgebase that discusses the difference or any changes that need to be done on Nitro Pro 12 to be compatible with PDFs created on Adobe?

Sorry for all the questions, thank you for providing clarifications!


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