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It would be great to have the next options in the next update, in Preferences - Measure:
- the option to show no text in the measured line itself
- a button with the distance properties popup here also, which is now available with a right mouse click after a measured line
- an option to have an automatic Loupe View at the start and end of a measurement!

And an English version (12) installed on an European mainland computerlanguage system shows a measurement of for example 6.892,76 mm. In Properties there should be choosen that this can be 6893 mm. Don't know if this standard should be like this, if there is or should come an option to change it? The calibration shows also inches first.

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Update, spend more time on it now:

- "a button with the distance properties popup..." is not necessary anymore. At that time I did not know a doubleclick can be used as well.
- "an option to have an automatic Loupe View..." I meant a magnifying glass. One is build into Windows itself (Windows button and +. And can be modified to a square. And Windows-button and Esc. to stop). It would be great to automatically start it up at a measurement and stop when the measurement is done (preferences: yes or no magnifying glass). Why? A screen resolution is large when Nitro Pro 12 is used for pdf-drawings.
I have found a workaround for now, found an external continiously present square magnifying glass for in a corner of the screen.

Addition: In Preferences - Measurement: Automatically go back to Hand after a measurement.

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