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Integrate Audit Trail into Final Document Sending



HI there,

Is there a possibility for an option to include the audit trail as part of the completed document? Either as part of the document itself or an attachment with the completed document? Details that the signer actually received and signed the document, rather than their signature merely appearing on the completed document.

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Smita S- Nitro Cloud PM

Hi @Ade

Thank you for participating in our Community Forum and providing your feedback!

Today, Nitro Cloud provides the ability  for the document sender to view and download the 'Audit Trail' on documents shared for signature . The Audit Trail can be viewed/ download by following the simple steps below :
    1. Open the document for viewing on Nitro Cloud
    2. Click on the 'Info'  button which is the letter I in a. circle located at the top right  of the page
    3. In the drawer that opens in the right side of the page, navigate to the 'History tab'. 
    4. Click on the 'Download Audit trail' at the bottom of the tab

I can definitely see how a combined signed document with the audit trail would be useful. Although we will not be able to get to this at the moment, we will consider this in our further development plans.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can help with. Cheers!


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