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Folder Level Javascript Support


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My company is thinking of switching from Acrobat to Nitro PDF Pro.   However, we use  "Folder Level" Javascripts.    These are not imbedded into the PDF themselves but reside in the Acrobat intallation Javascripts folder and add additional functionality and PDF processing capability to Acrobat.   Here are some examples and more information on this:   Acrobat Javascripts

Is this supported in Nitro PDF Pro?  If so, how do I install our existing Javascripts to test?




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Steven Zakulec

Nitro does say it supports folder-level Javascript.

From checking my copy, here's the path to put those files in:

Here's the KB section on JavaScript:

Specifically the folder-level article:

I hope that helps a little- beyond that, you'll probably need to reach out to support or sales.

Happy to try things out if you have some samples though.


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