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Fill in forms change color of text

Dave in Phoenix

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Dave in Phoenix

Latest version 12 Nitro Pro - We use a lot of fill-in forms  (securities industry).  Can not change most of the text and not created by me.  Just fill in form fields. 

Using another program one of my reps fills fields with nice blue text instead of just black using another pdf service (laser app).  I am not finding a way to change font colors using Nitro Pro and want to be sure not missing something.  An not going to highlight and created text thing which would be very time consuming for each fill in. Would be nice if there was a way to simply change text color as I type in the various fill in fields like one of my reps does with another program. 

Just want to confirm I am not overlooking something.

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Steven Zakulec

You can set a form field to have a certain text color, but there doesn't appear to be a way to change the text color of the text by selecting it.

To change the form field's text color:

Go to Forms

Select Fields

Pick the field you want

Right-click on the field, choose Properties

On the Appearance tab, select the color you want for the text.

Hope that helps!

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