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Extracting converting/duplicating text as sticky notes

Jim BX

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Our employees regularly deal with PDF files containing large-format plans generated by AutoCAD. When we extract these into individual files with Nitro, it has been taking some or all of the text elements on the page and creating what appears to be sticky notes of that content. I think it's converting them to sticky notes, but it may be duplicating them as sticky notes also, I'm not sure which. I normally wouldn't care that much, but when this is done with large amounts of text on a page, it tends to cause problems displaying with other readers, particularly the ones that are built-in to browsers ranging from slow load times to not loading at all. When the same page extraction is done using Acrobat, it doesn't convert those text elements to sticky notes and the files load faster and just fine within browser PDF viewers. Also, the sticky notes do not display in Nitro or browser viewers, but they do in Acrobat. Any thoughts on what's going on with this and if there's any way to prevent it?

I can provide an example showing the issue ... original file, and the contents of one page, one extracted with Acrobat and the other with Nitro.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Jim BX,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I have created a support ticket for you so we can get in touch with you directly about this issue.


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