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Combine Files not grabbing all files?


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Hi guys


I'm having a weird issue with Nitro not grabbing all the files in the directory I am working in.

If Nitro is completely closed, and I navigate to a folder in Explorer, then highlight all files, right click and "Combine files with Nitro Pro", Nitro will pop open with the 256 files ready to combine.

However, if Nitro is already open in the background, and I do the same steps, when Nitro appears with the files, it will only have retrieved 50.

If Nitro is open, and I click the "Combine" button within Nitro, and I click "Add Files", then Ctrl+A to select all, then "open", Nitro will only grab 77. 

Can anyone explain what might be going on here? I am needing a consistent output as I am automating PDF compilations.


Is this potentially a computer memory issue?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Sheri,

Thanks for reaching out!

What exact build of Nitro are you using? (You can retrieve this information by going to the Help tab> About Nitro Pro.)

If you transfer the files in another folder, does it work?

What if you combine by opening Nitro first and use the combine tool from there? Does that work?

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