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File locked to a single user


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We have recently moved a user over from one PC to a new PC. It appears that the user at some point encrypted an old file and it will no longer let him or anyone else open it. When I try to open the file I get the following errors:


You are not permitted to open this document. It may be assigned to another user

The document [file path] is secured and requires a correct password or private key to be opened.


We use active directory so the user is the same, though obviously from another computer. The user doesn't remember setting a password or key. Is there anyway of us being able to open this document again? We unfortunately no longer have access to their old PC.



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Steven Zakulec

If it's only a password, there's tools out there that can help with that- if the person used a certificate to encrypt or restrict access to a file, there's probably not anything you can do.

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