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Nitro crashes


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @AWIN,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you please send the file here so we can test? Also, what build of Nitro are you using? You can retrieve this information by going to the Help tab> About Nitro Pro.


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Where can I give my problem. After scanning a document I want to save it. I get the message: It cannot be saved. Contact Nitro Suport for help. Mistake/fault code 0x400D0003. Then it quits Nitro, starts it up again. Scanning a new document and that one can be saved. The next therafter. Same problem. Not able to save.  I've got I would like to hear from you. Thanks Greetings Riemke

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Good morning,

Thanks for your reply.
I've done that. Now it says that the path is incorrect. It doesn't do that all the time.
I have restarted my computer. 
Other scans made in the same way don't get this reply.

I can put everything on my desktop and pull it in the right box on the server. Then it's no problem.

If I use the scanprogramm of the printer, a Brother all in one, I can save it but only half of teh text.

I wish I kenw what the problem is. 

thanks again. 
With kind regards



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Riemke,

Please provide us with the following so we can investigate:

- a sample file to test

- your exact steps

- some relevant screenshots

- if you are getting a crash report and it asks for your email, please enter your email so that I can see the crash details on my end.


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