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Page 2 of pdf does not seem to be recognized as part of the same document?


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I have a 2 page pdf and am having multiple issues (tabbing, selecting fields across pages are examples).  I used the insert page option to add the second page to the pdf. I wanted to attach a simple g a re-created  pdf that shows the issue (for me at least?) but there is no option?

 how would you set the tabbing from text field on page 1 to move to text field on page 2?  I'm unable to set

And...Also trying to use the forms tab - then select fields and drag a box around both fields on both pages and I'm not allowed to drag between the pages even though same doc?  (yes there are other ways to mass select) but...this seems strange?  


Thanks, for any guidance you can provide.  We are using nitro pro




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