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Deactivating Nitro Pro

Lucy Worrall

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In the Nitro Activation Portal, I am trying to deactivate my Nitro Pro before installing it on a new PC, but I keep getting the message 'Sorry. You may only deactivate 0 devices.' 


Please can you help?



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I am also having the same issue. When I try to activate the code on a new computer it tells me that I don't have any activations left, but I've deactivated the previous installations on your website.

I can't find a 'chat now' function or a phone number to contact someone directly, either.

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Thanks for your help Leslie.  Yes, I've downloaded the nitro pro 12 and was able to use my activation serial number.  however when I save to PDF, it goes through the normal process, but it I cant open it.  sometimes the nitro will launch but its just blank.  Can you assist in resolving?

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Hi Leslie,

I haven't had a chance to check that Nitro isn't working in all circumstances but specifically I'm having issues when I try to print to pdf from MYOB.  Once I hit print and choose Nitro Pro 12, it allows me to select a location to save.  Ill change the document file name to whatever I intend to call it, hit print and then it disappears. If I go to "Quick Access" in my file explorer its the latest file named correctly but in the drive it has 'This PC\Desktop' but the file isn't in this location nor will it open in the quick access location.

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