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Automatic Form Recognition And Automatic Update



I was thrilled at the release of Nitro Pro 13, but I am disappointed because from version 12 these are the main things that aren't in Nitro 13:

-Automatic form recognition (present in competitors software)

-Automatic update from the Nitro App (also present in competitors software).


I would like to see these features added as soon as possible, because I think that are essential, especially the automatic update feature.


Thank You.

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Ayasha Jones

We also would like to see the automatic form recognition - this is a key feature in Adobe and is disappointing that Nitro cannot do this.

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I am amazed that this thread started almost two years ago, yet GoNitro has not seen fit to even acknowledge it. During that time period, they also took away the ability for individual paying customers to get tech support. This is unfortunate because starting a couple of months ago, my installation of Nitro Pro now displays an error dialog every time it starts. The dialog's text include a code (Error 401) which the dialog instructs the user to search on within their Web site's support area; I followed this instruction and the GoNitro support database returned zero matches. Looking at the intro screen for this forum, I see there are open messages as far back as 2017. All of this adds up to one conclusion: GoNitro has decided that individual buyers are not worth their time, and has taken steps resulting in it falling behind its competitors and growing more buggy with the passage of time. 

The chat bot guy said tech support monitors these forums and answers questions like mine. We'll see. If one utility-type tool ceases to operate properly, and updates are unreasonably priced (which they are, considering how many PDF tools are on the market now), I have no problem finding the current leader of the pack and making the switch.


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