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Print to PDF fails with message conversion aborted


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Print to PDF fails with message conversion aborted. I have used the support tools to reinstall the Nitro PDF Creator. This issue occurred just after upgrading to Nitro Pro 13. I have had zero successful prints to PDF after the conversion. I also still had a printer setup for the Pro 11 version. I deleted that printer setup. After my upgrade, the first time I attempted to print I used the Nitro Pro 11 printer setup, not realizing that the upgrade created a new printer setup. That first attempt with the Nitro Pro 11 printer also failed with the same message.

I use this printing function extensively and really need a fix. Thanks.

While I cannot print to PDF, I am able to use the Nitro Pro Plugin for Outlook.

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Update: I deleted all printers associated with Nitro Pro. Then I used the support tools (under Help) to reinstall the the PDF Creator and, as a result, a new printer setup for windows 10. This resolved all of my printing problems.

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