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Converting 2 pages into 1


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I'm trying to take 2 - 8.5x11 single page pdfs and convert them into a side by side single page ledger size (11x17) pdf. Is there a way to do that in NitroPro?

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Steven Zakulec

Not easily- you can do it, but it's all manual work.

The process works something like this:

You insert a new blank page that is the size you want.

You copy all the content on the first existing page (if the page is just an image, that works best because you only need to resize one thing, instead of everything on the page).

You paste this content to the new page, and shrink to fit if needed.

You then repeat with page 2.

It would be great if there was a more refined process for this, but I'm not aware of any currently.

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